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Florence Klingensmith would have known something was dangerously wrong.

Speeding through the sky in a bright red Sportster plane, with an engine more than triple the horsepower of the plane’s original, Klingensmith averaged about 200 mph in the first laps of the trophy race just outside of Chicago.



Spurred by deadly shootings, Black Lives Matter group forms in Fargo-Moorhead

As blood continues to spill from fatal shootings around the country—the killing of a black man by police in the Twin Cities, and three officers gunned down in Baton Rouge, La., the latest examples—a group in Fargo-Moorhead hopes to raise their voices while keeping the peace. READ MORE.


Son's suspected overdose death leaves Fargo family 'devastated'

The night before he died, Shane Driscoll came home to his parents' house, got things ready for the next day, took a shower and went to bed. The next morning, around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday, June 29, Driscoll, 21, was found without a pulse by his mom, dad and sister. READ MORE.

Police warn of 'extremely dangerous' fentanyl, but what exactly is it?

Local police continue to warn about a dangerous, powerful drug responsible for several deaths, though most people have probably never heard of it. READ MORE.

Opiate crisis 'ravaging our families,' but 2 bills in Congress could help

Congressional leaders are backing bills that would help stem the tide of a nationwide epidemic of opiate and heroin abuse and overdose that has claimed thousands of lives in the U.S. and has reared its head locally. READ MORE.


From his cluttered but cozy garage, off a street he calls "gearhead alley," Bill Cullen has spent years restoring something pretty special: a motorcycle once used by the Denver police department to protect a famed aviator, more than 90 years ago.



Mourners at Moorhead vigil grapple with 'familiar shock' of shooting massacre

In a small, sweltering church, with the mid-June sun shining through stained glass windows, a diverse group of community members gathered to mourn the victims of a mass shooting that has reverberated around the country.



'It's not about the barbecues': Memorial Day a chance to pay tribute in F-M

With countless flags flying proudly and flowers adorning graves, those in Fargo-Moorhead paid their respects Monday to the men and women who've gone before them. On a day when many might fire up the grill and relax, for others it was a chance to pay tribute.



‘New strategy’ for a ‘new scourge’: Amid 3 more fentanyl arrests, Fargo plans to boost drug unit

Amid the growing epidemic of illicit opiate use and continuing overdoses in the region, multiple law enforcement agencies announced Monday a redoubling of efforts in tackling the problem – and another round of arrests.



'I see it when I close my eyes,' says mom of 10-year-old killed in hit-and-run

Learning her daughter was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver left Ginnie Donovan with a "huge, gaping hole" in her chest. Donovan's daughter, Caylin Donovan, of Lake Park, had just finished school for the year and was helping out at an extended family member's lake place.